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The Wisdom Revelation is here

Wisdom Church

of Richmond

We are not another church in Richmond.

We are here to have a Wisdom revolution.

Through Godly Wisdom, we will help you build your life, your family, your job, your business, and your ministry.



 Jeneil, Richmond

"On April 26th, 2017, I went to the waterfront to study the Word of God.  I said a prayer of protection and asked not to be distracted.  I was there for a while when I looked up and heard a  fishermen cry  out that he had a catch...moving closer to see what was happening, a second man cried out 'watch out for that water moccasin!'.  I was so thankful for the protection because I was standing directly in front of the snake.  Boldness came on me and I commanded it not to move! We were all blocked from harm."


" Thank you...I have also gone back to tithing at my church as well. Please continue to pray for me and I am praying for you and your ministry as well. Thank you again for being my prayer partner. "


" I sowed a $1,000 seed believing God to meet my needs. I was then blessed with a sales job earning salary, commissions and benefits. I once again sowed another $1,000 seed. Shortly after I was offered a better job with a $25,000 a year increase in salary, plus commissions and great benefits. Praise God! "

Judy, New York

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